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Dr. Chad Rhoden

Dr. Chad Rhoden is the Co-Founder and CEO of FlavorDoctor Foods and is an internationally published author. (“Bringing Down High Blood Pressure” 2010, MEvans)

Dr. Rhoden has had an interest in great nutrition for nearly his entire life. He has always had a natural drive to excel in whatever he pursued, such as academics, athletics (i.e. football, tennis, soccer), music, writing . . . and of course medicine, as the son of two doctors. Dr. Rhoden humbly gives credit to God for all of his achievements and believes strongly in the importance of family and friends.

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Dr. Richard (Rick) Rhoden

Dr. Richard (Rick) Rhoden, M.D, CCO, is a native Mississippian. He has lived, trained and practiced proudly in his home state while also attending medical education offerings throughout the U.S. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Dr. Rhoden completed training in medicine and psychiatry at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

His career focus has always been direct clinical care of both youth and adults with general psychiatric conditions, but Dr. Rhoden also has been active in administrative and organized medicine. He has served as Medical Director in various inpatient and outpatient, private and public capacities.

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FlavorDoctor Foods

Dr. Rhoden, like his father, Dr. Richard Rhoden, has always been a thinker and listener, and sensitive to the needs of others. Seeing firsthand the effects that the overconsumption of salt in the daily diet was wreaking on the public’s risk for high blood pressure and heart disease, Dr. Chad Rhoden was determined to do something about it. Having written numerous articles on the subject of nutrition and preventive medicine, he set out to produce an informative and helpful guide to assist people in making lifestyle changes for better health. His first book was titled, “Bringing Down High Blood Pressure.” But don’t let the title fool you . . . it is a book for all interested in being healthy!

However, this wasn’t enough in Dr. Rhoden’s way of thinking – he wanted to provide his patients and people everywhere an alternative to the salt-laden foods that Americans consume everyday. He discussed his desire with his father, and together they came up with the notion of creating not only a salt substitute but a premium version of a salt-free flavor enhancer. “Something that truly makes food taste better,” insisted the senior Dr. Richard Rhoden. “It’s the only way people will accept it.”

Next, Dr. Chad Rhoden implored his wife, Rhonda, to allow him to set up a laboratory, so to speak, in their kitchen to begin experimenting with a multitude of herbs and spices. With their four-year-old son Luke looking on, the FlavorDoctor Dad set about the serious business of culinary alchemy.

The result was Dr. Rhoden’s FlavorDoctor, a delightful tasting blend of beneficial herbs and spices that doesn’t overwhelm foods’ natural flavor but instead enhances it. Spicy, yes, but it’s not hot, and it has a slight salty taste, a major plus when it comes to real salt lovers and bona fide salt addicts (you know, the people who grab the salt shaker before they even taste the food).

So next, the Rhoden doctors founded FlavorDoctor Foods, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi. Initially available in restaurants, delis, and gourmet shops in the area, as well as nationwide via the Internet, their desire is for FlavorDoctor, the only doctor-formulated, salt-free flavor enhancer on the market, to continue its growth, making it an option for people around the world.



Bringing Down High Blood Pressure

Clinical blood pressure expert Chad Rhoden, M.D., Ph.D., had seen the devastation too much salt in the diet had wreaked upon his patients.  Determined to do something about Mississippi’s highest incident rate for high blood pressure and its related ailments of obesity, fluid weight gain, heart disease and increased risk for stroke, he created “Bringing Down High Blood Pressure,” a lifestyle plan for reducing high blood pressure.  With inspiring contributions by Registered Dietician Sarah Wiley Schein, M.S., Dr. Rhoden provides a practical plan of action to ensure a healthier way of living.

“Bringing Down High Blood Pressure” offers readers straightforward solutions they can incorporate into their lives immediately and long term. The authors focus on factors readers can change, including: diet and nutrition, weight loss, exercise, binge eating, alcohol, tobacco and drug use, emotional wellness and stress management. Additionally, Dr. Rhoden provides a medical guide to conditions that can complicate or cause high blood pressure.


Sarah Schein’s expertise in nutrition, physiology and healthy living includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Auburn University and a Master of Science degree in Nutrition, with a minor in Exercise Physiology, from Mississippi State University.

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    She began her career as the Registered Dietician in the Wellness Center at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo.  She and her family then moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she practiced critical care medical nutrition therapy for seven years at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, a large teaching hospital.  Ms. Schein currently directs the outpatient Nutrition Counseling Center and practices medical nutrition therapy for the Cardiovascular/Surgical Intensive Care Unit, both at Abington Memorial Hospital, in Abington, Pennsylvania.

    Ms. Schein offers practical advice on nutrition, tips for healthy food selection and cooking tips for preparing flavorful blood pressure-reducing dishes and 50 tantalizing recipes like Lasagna Verde, Tandoori Chicken, Grilled Shrimp with Orange Chipotle Mustard Sauce, Cranberry Fig Breakfast Bars and Apricot Crisp. Nutritional analysis of each recipe is provided to help readers plan low sodium menus to control high blood pressure.


Additionally, the book provides an in-depth discussion of risks and benefits of blood pressure medications and when lifestyle changes may allow an individual to reduce or eliminate medication. Dr. Rhoden also weighs in on alternative therapies for reducing blood pressure.

“Bringing Down High Blood Pressure” is a safe, workable, easy-to-understand guide for bringing down high blood pressure through long-term lifestyle changes.

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